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Tuesday, April 1

LA Debut of Beck Black

with: Beard Bates, Sinner Sinners, Todd Zeros

 BECK BLACK - THIS IS THE BAND BECK BLACK!                BEARD BATES - “This could be addictive. At this point, I’ve now been listening to Lightyear’s Tightrope for several hours and can’t seem to stop pushing the repeat button. And yet, it’s not addictive in that sugary sweet pop confection way, but rather in a pseudo-sado world of weird that sometimes infects the brain…..This is a brilliant turn by a very talented individual, and Lightyear’s Tightrope acts as a collection of short stories by one author. The stories themselves may seem very divided and occasionally incoherent, but a thread of genius runs through them all. ” Heidi Drockelman        SINNER SINNERS - We sound like Edith Piaf on bath salts! Originally from France and the Netherlands, married couple Steve and Sam founded Sinner Sinners in 2009. The first album "Cardinal Sins" was released in 2011. The band relocated in Los Angeles the same year and have been touring on both sides of the Atlantic. But seriously, who reads these things? Go listen         TODDZERO - crafts kaleidoscopic sounds with sonic textures that are equal parts inclusive and infectious. The Los Angeles-based artist formerly known as ToddO has garnered success in the blogosphere and from the critics: Anthony Fantano, host of NPR’s The Needle Drop podcast hailed TODDZERO as “a charismatic voice” and Under the Radar called the musician “a rare gem.” Like a lot of kids, TODDZERO became obsessed with music at a young age. The first song the Yorba Linda, California native remembers listening to and loving was ‘Like a Rhinestone Cowboy’ by Glen Campbell. “Something about the lyrics and the melody made me want to sing along,” he says. He took a few guitar lessons and played, “in a million bands which then played at a million small venues” before putting music on the back burner in order to build a successful career in business. “There was a several-year stretch there where I didn’t even touch an instrument or sing in the shower,” he says. All that changed in 2010. The artist began collaborating with a friend who owned recording equipment. “It was fun at first, but then the bug bit me,” TODDZERO says. “What started out as merely a hobby turned into a full-blown calling.” Immersing himself in the recording process, he bought his own gear and learned how to self-engineer a record. In May of 2012 TODDZERO released the “1234567″ EP. He says the process of releasing his first batch of songs was equal parts exhilarating and intimidating. He remembers wondering, “Amidst the sea of music out there who would care that yet another dreamer was writing songs?” A lot of people, it turns out. “1234567″ quickly appeared on’s “New & Notable” homepage and eared positive press from the global blogosphere: Cross Rhythms gave the EP 9 out of 10 stars, Alpha Omega News pronounced it “Grade A,” and Louder Than The Music raved “5 out of 5 stars…brilliant!” Hundreds of radio stations added the single “Freedom in You” to make it CRW Radio Promotions/Westar Media Group’s biggest single of the year, with more than a million listeners tuning in. Before long, the song and video for “Made” caught the attention of manager Steve Rennie (Incubus) who invited TODDZERO to play on The Renman Show. The momentum surrounding the artist landed his music into the hands of KROQ DJ Nicole Alvarez in Los Angeles who was, in her words, “smitten.” In addition, HM Magazine called the EP “infectious and compelling.” The release earned TODDZERO a nomination for “Best New Artist” and “Best EP” by a prominent UK music blog and a slot performing at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards pre-show. Building on the buzz generated by “1234567,” TODDZERO returned to his Los Angeles studio to write, record, and produce the bulk of his first full-length album. Stringing together songs full of ecstatic longing for rest and home, “Kid Heart” debuted June 4, 2013 on indie label Hembot Recordings. The album was mixed by Lee Bridges (MercyMe, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin) and mastered by Hans DeKline (Snoop Dogg). Former Capitol Records A&R exec Loren Israel (Neon Trees, Plain White T’s, Jimmy Eat World), offered A&R development. The songs on “Kid Heart” weave electronica, indie, and Gospel to create a wholly distinct, persuasive sound buoyed by narrative songsmithing. Tracks explore lost youth and innocence, as well as spiritual themes of salvation, redemption, and homecoming. Part diary and part concept album, “The first half of ‘Kid Heart’ is a collection of deeply personal songs, while the second half is almost a concept album with songs that follow the narrative of the final week of Christ’s life from the triumphal entry all the way to the resurrection,” TODDZERO explains. “It’s a unique mix, to be sure, but I think it’s one that both believers and nonbelievers can embrace.” Before the full-length premiered, a couple of tracks leaked out: The album’s first single “Kid Heart” gained immediate airplay on iHeartRadio’s Los Angeles station Moheak, and the anthemic feel of “We Will Win” made it a good fit as the backing track for Los Angeles television station KTLA Channel 5′s nightly sports newscast. After its debut, “Kid Heart” appeared on Noise Trade’s top download list. Louder Than The Music calls the release “heartfelt indie, creative and inspiring music sung by a vocalist who has a voice that most people would love to have. I for one would love to be able to write and sing like this guy. Since I can’t, I’ll just keep listening to this epic album.” TODDZERO plans to tour in support of “Kid Heart” throughout 2013. –Sara Billups


Tuesday Apr 1

Wednesday, April 2

Checkpoint Charlie

with: Hey You, Elephant Hill

 CHECKPOINT CHARLIE - is a rock band based in Los Angeles, California. CPC has rocked out at various venues in Los Angeles and has played at the famous venues off the Hollywood strip...Checkpoint Charlie is bringing the spirit of rock n roll back to its roots, and is teamed up with legendary Producer Mike Plotnikoff and former keyboardist for band "Yes," Igor Khoroshev. Brian Aspinwall, singer songwriter, is the next Mick Jagger, Bono, Kurt Cobain, and Michael Jackson all rolled into one...Brian is the founder, charismatic voice and composer behind CPC and he is armed with two proficient guitarists and songwriters: Jorge Sotomarino an innovative melody maker and brilliant lead guitarist & Ben Bonomo an incredible and virtuoso rock guitarist. The rhythm section is comprised of Ryan Salhany on Bass & Mason Amlee a drummer with amazing rock energy who won Zildjian's best drummer competition in the Pacific Region for 2011. Checkpoint Charlie is revitalizing Rock and bringing it back from the dead!!        HEY YOU - Fun, Energetic, Loud, In Your Face, Hop Bop Sock'n Rock'n, mmm mmm gooooood! HEY YOU! A mixture of power pop, glam rock, and songs that make your head bop! Made up of three dudes and one chick who bring a high energy, in your face act with songs that will be stuck in your head for days. And not to mention, they have a smokin’ hot lead singer with some pipes. These four hooligans have created an unstoppable & addictive pop/rock/punk mixture, so it is advised to quickly get your taste of the Hey You concoction… and DRINK UP!      ELEPHANT HILL- We are Elephant Hill, Mark, Alex, Christian, and Richard. We are a laidback alternative dance band from El Sereno. Our turn ons include flannels, beers, and a good cigarette. With a style similar to Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes.  


Wednesday Apr 2

Thursday, April 3

Lose Control CD Release Party!

with: Jonah Nimoy (Birthday Party!), Midnight Coal Company 

LOSE CONTROL - LOSE CONTROL was founded in Hermosa Beach, California by Jeff Nisen and A.J. Bartholomew in the Fall of 2011. With a shared love for heavy metal music, Nisen and Bartholomew began playing music together at a young age in middle school, and while Nisen went on to form the band Sand Section and Bartholomew formed Allura, destiny did eventually reach down her guiding hand and gently steered them back in each other's direction in 2010. At that point it was painfully evident that both their chemistry and "kick ass" factor were undeniable and they soon began writing songs together. Finally in the Fall of 2011, Nisen and Bartholomew teamed up with drummer/producer Mike Sutherland and began work on their self titled debut which was released in June of 2012. They enlisted Bret Bollinger from Pepper and Andre Davis from Tomorrow's Bad Seeds to share time on the bass guitar in the studio and ultimately birthed a completely new heavy metal sound. The bass has since been taken over by Mitch Davis who is also a key songwriter and vocalist for the group. Lose Control has its roots tied closely to bands such as Black Sabbath and Guns N Roses, but they have added their own contemporary twist combined with guitar shred virtuosity ranging from Randy Rhoads to Dimebag Darrell. One thing is for sure, Lose Control has crafted a sound that reminds people that hard rock is far from dead. It is a sound that is guaranteed to captivate fans of all styles of hard rock music, and all connoisseurs of awesomeness. It is a sound that looks you square in the eyes and tells you to sit down while it explodes all over your face, peeling flesh from bone. So go ahead, crank it up and LOSE CONTROL.  JONAH NIMOY - Jonah Nimoy and his hard rock band hailing from Los Angeles! The band the just recently released their debut EP entitled, "JOIN US". Like the page for band updates, music, live dates, and much more!


Thursday Apr 3





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